Swedish culinary experiences

The Swedish countryside is rather special and not least exotic from a European perspective, all the way from Scania’s plains in the south to Norrland’s forests in the far north. From there comes much of the unique character of Swedish cuisine. Meals are a significant part of a visitor’s experience and image of Sweden. There are many opportunities to combine attractive natural surroundings with exciting mealtime experiences, and they create memories for a lifetime. Sweden’s right of common access makes it easy to go out into the countryside. You can grill freshly caught fish on the cliffs of the Swedish archipelagos, finish a cycling tour with a picnic in the forest or a mountain hike with a supper offering a spectacular view from a mountaintop.

All around Sweden there are many well-stocked farm shops that groan under the weight of locally grown produce of high quality. Places where you can enjoy and be inspired by tastes, flavours and stories about the origin of the produce.

Many Swedish restaurants reflect and are influenced by the international successes of Swedish chefs and offer culinary experiences out of the ordinary.

Food should be a pleasure and an obvious contribution to a good quality of life!

Tasteful greetings from Sweden