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Print & Design is the company that was selected to create the ceramic pattern for the decor for parts of the Official Wedding Series to be used at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland, in Stockholm on June 19, 2010. They also received the honour of producing patterns with the bridal couple’s own monogram, which will adorn their private gifts. The Rörstrand factory in Lidköping, Västra Götaland, with its distinguished heritage, is where we find Iréne Magnusson and Inger Franzén-Storm, who started the company together in 2006. With their long experience in porcelain decoration, they customise their designs and then bake them into high-quality feldspar porcelain. Their many customers include the Swedish Royal Court, the Swedish Trade Council, the ITM Worldwide Foundation, Nationalmuseum and Läckö Castle.

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